The Showtime Pet Food Results

Heavy weight Champ- Elmo – Diamond G

Two dog cup- 1st Place- Jock and Couyon – Code Red Kennels

2022 Futurity Puppy of the Year– Elmo – Diamond G

2022 High Placing GYP – Brighteyes – June Cantrell

Kennel of the Year- Diamond G

Two Dog Open
1st-Dilinger / Sinner -Joey Barclay/ Hell Hounds
2nd- Goose / Elmo -Mark Hayes / Diamond G
3rd- Goose / Cowboy -Mark Hayes/ Top Gun
4th- Sam / Lloyd – Diamond G
5th -Fan Boy / Capone -Top Gun/ Dirty Dog Kennels

One Dog Pro
1st-Jack – Eric Miele
2nd- Camo – John Smith
3rd- Handgrenade – Bayou Boys
4th- Ben – Dirty Dog Kennels

Old and Young
1st – Buddy / Camo – Diamond G
2nd – Sin / Brandon – Hell Hounds/ Code Red
3rd- Max / Gus- R&A Kennels/ Code Red

One Puppy
1st Place- Slim – Chad Swayze

Two Puppy
1st- Crazy Train / Capt Call – Code Red Kennels
2nd- Gus / June – Code Red Kenenls / Circle B Kennels

One Dog Novice
1st – Moose – Dirty Dog Kennels
2nd-Wolf Man – Eric Miele
3rd- Chub Chub – John Smith

One Dog Amateur
1st- Highway – Johnny White
2nd- Duece – Johnny White
3rd- Ellie – C & L Foster

Two Dog Novice
1st- Bamalam / Able – Red Ryder/ Whiskey Creek
2nd- Legs/ Puddin – Whiskey Creek/ Circle B
3rd- Tank/ Chip – Tom Cordell

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