The race for the SHOWTIME PET FOOD kennel of the year and the Old South Dog trailer!!!  
(After 3 shows)

Code Red 44 Winnsboro, Louisiana 
Top Gun 43 Kountze, Texas
Triple R kids 39.33 Downsville, Louisiana 
Circle B 32 Downsville, Louisiana 
Braveheart 29.25 Tylertown, Mississippi 
Johnny White 22.75 Maryland
C&L Foster 16.5 Deville, Louisiana 
Cantrell kennel 16 Buffalo, texas 
Triple 7 kennel 13.5 Lagrange, Texas 
Bayou Boyz 12 Plaquemine, Louisiana 
Miele 11.5 Oklahoma
Dirty dog 9.33 Downsville, Louisiana

Official results from the MAY 2023 Show:

1 puppy
1st split
Goober-Code Red
3rd split
Hazel Marie Braveheart

2 puppy 
1st Stihl/Huxley Triple 7
2nd rowdy/tootsie pop Braveheart
3rd split
Mr green gene/Johny mayhem Johnny White
Skittles/Cora Braveheart

One dog novice
1st Karen Johnny White
2nd Buddy Roe Whiskey Creek
3rd River 3R kids

Old and young 
1st split 
Joker Circle B/Gus Code Red
Bamalam Red Ryder/Goober Code red
3rd Janie Wade Minter/Tar Outlaw cur dogs

One dog open
1st Elmo 3R Kids
2nd Dillinger Circle B
3rd Charlie C&L Foster 
4th Clyde June Cantrell
5th Iceman Tj Tindle

One dog amateur 
1st maverick Johnny White
2nd Arthur Johnny White
3rd OJ Dixie Doggers

Two dog Open 
1st Goose/Cowboy Top Gun
2nd Stinger/Dillinger Circle B
3rdGoose Top Gun/Derail Double Deuce
4th split 
Janie Wade Minter/Chip Tom Cordle
Lloyd/Rip Diamond G

Two dog Novice
1st Stevie Rays n hell/Badeye CBJ
2nd White Steal/kinky Johnny white
3rd Tootsie/Rowdy Braveheart 

Heavyweight Title Belt 
Martha Braveheart 

Two Dog Cup
Wolf man Miele/Charlie C&L Foster