The Showtime Pet Food Results
to the Dylan Dingler Memorial Bog baying

Heavy weight Champ- Blu Zen Catahoulas

Two dog cup- Cowboy and Max R&A

Dixie Doggers One Dog Open
1st-Handgrenade Bayou Boyz
2nd-Brighteyes June Cantrell
3rd-Rambo Diamond G
4th-Tiger Code Red
5th-Dillinger Circle B

Two Dog Open
1st-Joker and Rango Circle B & Dirty Dog
2nd-Cowboy and Max R&A
3rd-Okie Anna and Brighteyes Ray Farms and June Cantrell
4th-Earl and Buddy Diamond G
5th (Split)-Gomer and Bear Johnny White Goose
and Derail Top Gun and Double Duece Bayou Boyz

Old and Young
3 way split for first
Sam and Elmo Diamond G Rango and Rico Dirty Dog and Iron Spring Lil Joe and Dakota Diamond G

One Dog Amatuer
2 Way split
Blu Zen Catahoulas
Capone Dirty Dog
3rd Ellie C&L Foster

Circle B 1 puppy
1st-Elmo Diamond G
2nd-(split) Hillbilly Crystal White Marty Double Duece Circle B

2 puppy
1st-Brandon and Rip Code Red and Bayou Boyz
2nd-Dutton and Rebelanne Diamond G
3rd-(split) Elmo and Dakota Diamond G Marty and Tug Double Deuce

1 Novice
3 way tie
Elmo Diamond G
Capone Dirty Dog
Stinger Circle B

2 Novice
1st Ted and karma Slick Wayne Willie
2nd 3 way split
Homer and Leonitis Johnny White
Hatchet and Susie Q Dirty Dog
Stinger and Festus Circle B